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 (Price revision on JAN 1, 2022)

  Company establishment (Registered Capital 2 million baht) Visa work permit (1 person)  80,100 baht

1. Registration 15,000 baht (Not including capital registration fee and basic articles of incorporation registration fee)

2. VAT registration 5,000 baht

3. Tax registration card (individual) 1,500 baht

4. Apply for Social Security registration 3,000 baht

5. Obtaining/Switch NON-B Visa (3 months) in Thailand 23,000 baht (including visa fee)

6. Obtaining new work permit 1 year and 1 year visa renewal 22,000 baht (work permit fee 3,100 baht and visa fee 1,900 baht included)

7. Changing the name of the authorized person in the company (including the share ratio) 9,000 baht

8. Company seal (2 pieces) 1,000 baht

9. Sign making 600 baht

 * VAT 7% will be charged


Business content

・ Company establishment, Accounting / tax services, various licensing procedures, Trademark registration, Legal

Company establishment, various permission procedures

Supporting entrepreneurship in Thailand

After the establishment of the company we will carry out the process of applying for various permits necessary for the company


Thai company type

1) Public Company Limited
This type of company was established for the purpose of offering shares to the public, whereby the shareholders are liable for not more than the number of shares to be paid. Based on the provisions of the Public Company Law (stock listed company)

2) (Private) Co., Ltd. (Company Limited)
A group of people or organizations in which a company is established. There are 3 or more shareholders who share their shares equally having specific liability in the part of the shares that they bought only and has corporate income tax rate on net profit

3) General Partnership A
Joint investment agreement and operates business from 2 persons or more with the purpose of sharing benefits and jointly responsible for the liabilities which the partnership

4) Limited Partnership A
Company consisting of unlimited liability employees and limited liability employees

When foreigners invest in Thailand. The establishment of a limited company is therefore necessary


Regarding the establishment of a corporation

1) Company establishment & registration requirements
・Reservation of company name (Please select 3 company names)
・Selection of Authorized person
・Selection of founders (3 or more)
・Registration address (company location)
・Registered capital amount
・Shareholder's name and address, Percentage of shares
/ Signing right holder / determination of business content (business purpose), preparation of basic articles of incorporation/ company seal

2) Documents required for company establishment
・Director's / Founder's / Shareholder's ID card and Resident's book (Signature required)
・In case of foreigner copy of passport + Arrival page (signature required)
・Copy of company Rental Contract, Copy of company resident's book, copy of landlord's ID card / resident's book (signature required), consent form, also company registration certificate in the case of landlord is a corporation

3) Various permission applications for tax registration and business
・VAT business registration, company & individual tax payment registration, social security registration
・License acquisition (liquor sales, tobacco sales, restaurants, custom card, etc.)


List of Service Charge

1. Company registration, correction of registration contents, additional relations

1-1 Registration 15,000 baht (Registration fee is not included)

1-2 Revise of company registration contents, Capital increase or decrease, Revise of director (s), Revise of shareholder (s) 8,000 baht per case and subsequent cases 1,000 baht per case (Fee is not included)
**(In the case of capital increase, 5,000 baht for every 1 million baht of capital registration fee, 500 baht for every 1 million baht of basic articles of incorporation registration fee will be charged separately)
・ Amendment of Articles of Incorporation 8,000 Baht ・ Revise Address, Revise company name, branch registration (Revise in 3 departments 1.Registration Bureau Tax Office 2.Social Security Office and 3.Department of business development) 12,000 baht
・ Opening a corporate bank ordinary account 2,500 baht per account
・ Credit card swipe machine application 3,500 baht per store
・ Acquisition of company register (including shareholders) 1,500 baht (Fee is not included)
・ Company seal 1,000 baht for 2
・ Sign making 600 baht
・ Regular receipt/tax invoice creation 50 books 5,000 baht
・ Company closure Liquidation 25,000

1-3 Partnership (registered as a limited company) Capital 1 million baht 15,000 baht (Fee is not included)

2. Tax registration

・ VAT registration 5,000 baht

・ VAT registration revised 3,000 baht

・ Request of Tax registration card (individual) 1,500 baht

3. Social security and work regulations and employment contracts

・ Register social security for employees 3,000 baht

・ Change of employees entering/exiting social security 1,500 baht

・ Prepare Company rules in accordance with labor law 5,000 baht

・ Prepare an employee contract for 3,000 baht

4. Obtaining licensing

・ Obtaining Restaurant Permit 7,000 Baht. Renewal 4,000 Baht (Fee is not included) Cancellation 3,000 Baht

・ Obtaining Alcoholic beverage sales permit 2,000 baht. Renewal 2,000 baht (Fee is not included)

・ Tobacco sales permit 2,000 baht. Renewal 2,000 baht (Fee is not included)

・ Massage / SPA Ministry of Health 10,000 Baht (Fee is not included)

・ Massage / SPA District office 7,000 Baht (Fee is not included). Renewal 4,000 Baht. Cancellation 3,000 Baht

・ Travel agency license Thai domestic business handling 7,000 baht. Renewal 4,000 baht (Fee is not included)

・ Travel agency license Handling of business outside Thailand 7,000 baht. Renewal 4,000 baht (Fee is not included)

・ Karaoke / Thailand culture Center and District Office 14,000THB (Fee is not included). Renewal each place 4,000THB (Fee is not included)

Custom card 5,000 baht

Export card 5,000 baht

5. Trademark registration 20,000 baht

  Renewal (every 10 years) 10,000 baht

・ Application fee 500 baht for each item of designated product

-Examination required processing period Approximately 6 to 8 months, the period from the application to the delivery of the final substantive examination result is approximately 1 - 1.5 years.

・ Fee for publication / registration if the registration requirements are met, the application will be published. Currently, no public notice fee is required, so it will be automatically published in the trademark gazette and published. If no objection is filed within 90 days of publication, the applicant will be notified that he / she will be registered. Applicants must pay the registration fee within the next 30 days. The registration fee is 300 Baht per designated item.

・ Renewal fee is 1,000 baht per designated product.

* VAT 7% will be charged


Accounting and tax services

Specialized accounting and tax staff will support you from monthly tax processing to annual settlement.

** Foreigner will explain it carefully.

We support the reduction of complicated operations and costs from outsourcing.

1) Monthly accounting

1-1 Processing to the tax office VAT (value-added tax) filing and payment Income tax payment Withholding tax payment
1-2 Social Security fund processing, Social security fund enrollment procedure, Social security fund payment
1-3 Bookkeeping

List of Service Charge

7. Accounting / tax entrustment fee


7-1 Monthly accounting and tax services

Monthly Individual / Corporate Income Tax, Withholding Tax Declaration / Payment (P.N.D.1, 3, 53, 54)

Monthly VAT Declaration / Payment (P.P30) Monthly Social security fund Processing

Base on number of slips (total of sales slips, payment slips, non VAT slips)

Head Office

- 0 sales slips 2,500THB as minimum monthly service charge

- 0 - 50 slips + Withholding Tax + Social security fund 5,000THB



- 0 sales slips 2,500THB as minimum monthly service charge

- 0 - 50 slips + Withholding Tax + Social security fund 4,000THB

・ Monthly income statement P / L +2,000 baht

・ Monthly balance sheet B / S +2,000 baht

・ If you do not use our company to do VISA & Work Permit, we will add up 1,500 baht of monthly accounting service charge

・ Monthly salary calculations 100 Baht per person


7-2 Personal Income Tax Return (P.N.D.90/91) 2,000 baht per person

7-3 Annual withholding tax Return (P.N.D.1Kor) 3,000 baht per year

7-4 Annual Declaration Compensation Fund (Kor. Tor. 20 kor) 1,500 baht per year

7-5 Semi-Annual Income Tax Return (P.N.D.51) 3,500 Baht per year

7-6 Appearance on behalf of the tax office to provide information 3,000 baht per case

7-7 Preparation of financial statements (P.N.D.50) and certified accountant certification start at 20,000 baht. We will make a trial calculation according to sales.

 * VAT 7% will be charged

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