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Various visa (work permit) acquisition

We will take over the acquisition of various visas and work permits, and will continue to make changes.

an entry / residence permit that a foreigner must obtain to enter / stay.

Work Permit When a
foreigner works in Thailand, a work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor is required.

List of Service Charge

(Price revision on August 26, 2021)

1. NON-B visa (Working visa)

Obtaining/Switch NON-B Visa (3 months) in Thailand 25,000 baht (Visa fee is included)

・ B visa → B visa 10,000 baht (work permit 1 year renewal is not included)

Lists to be prepared by obtaining NON-B visa

・ Passport, resume (The Final academic background / career), 2 photos of 4 x 6 cm (Photo should take within 6 months)


2. Family visa (Spouse/Children of NON-B VISA)

Obtaining/Switch family VISA 22,000 Baht (VISA Fee is Included)

Family visa renewal 7,000 baht (VISA fee 1,900 baht is not included)

Lists to be prepared by obtaining a family visa

・ Passport, 2 photos of 4 x 6 cm (Photo should take within 6 months) Copy of family register (within 3 months) (Certify listed in the family register at the Embassy)

・ Certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand. (Translation fee and certification fee are not included)

・ In addition, please contact us.

90-day notification immigration appearance 1,000 baht excluded fine if (any)

Re-entry visa service charge 1,000THB**

・Re-Entry Single type fee 1,000 baht

・Re-Entry Multiple type fee 3,800 baht

** If you are our VISA customer, service charge will not charge

*** When you used Single re-entry and need to do again re-entry we will charge you

*** If you are not our VISA customer, service charge will add up to 2,000THB

Work permit reissue 5,000 baht

Transfer data of immigration to new passport 2,000 baht when your passport has expired and you need to issue a new passport we provide to transfer all data that issued by immigration to new passport

* VAT 7% will be charged

Please contact us for anything regarding visas.

Work permit related

・ Obtaining a work permit 10,000 baht (Excluded work permit fee 3,100 baht)

・ Obtaining work permit and visa 17,000 baht per year (Work permit fee 3,100 baht, visa fee 1,900 baht are not included)

・ Revise of address, job title, duties, etc. of work permit 3,000 baht (Fee is not included)

・ Cancellation of work permit 3,500 baht

・ Cancellation of VISA & Work Permit 5,000 baht

Lists to be prepared by obtaining a work permit

・ Passport, resume (The final academic background / career) Health certificate (issue within 1 month), 3 x 4 cm 3 photos (Photo should take within 6 months)

We will prepare other documents related to company registration.

* VAT 7% will be charged.


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